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Journal Prompts about Mom

Writing can be one of the most beautiful ways to express your feelings but I know it's hard.

Take a few minutes to answer these questions and write whatever comes to mind. This free writing technique will get the creativity going.

Then go back choose your favorites and write some more.

When you're all done, transcribe and edit into nice stationary or diy your own eco version.  

1. Write 50 reasons you are grateful for your mother. Look at your list, choose a few and elaborate on them. 

2. Recall your favorite snack time with your mom? What meals did she make for you? Food can be quite the bonding time and recalling tastes can create a sense of nostalgia. 

3. When times have been hard what is a lesson from your mom that has helped you through it?

4. Earliest memory of your mother. The sillier the better on this one. 

5. Your funniest memory. Maybe it's the time your mom (who never drinks) helped you and your siblings finish a bottle of tequila at 7 am before a flight. True story. 

6. Adulting is hard. What's the most useful lifeskill you have learned from your mom?

7. That secret you two have....

8. Things you appreciate about your relationship with your mom. 

9. The song you remember most. Again, senses can get those emotions flowing. 

10. What she means to you. 

11. Write: