Start here:


ASK Questions:

What are you consuming? What are you supporting with your dollar?

Where does this come from?

Who made this?

Where is this going AFTER I use it?

Do I need this?

What resources does this use?

How is this funded?

Where is my money going….

Take Actions

Commit to 3 actions this year.


Carrying a reusable water bottle.

Contacting your local government

Shopping with your own produce and grocery bags

Reducing how often you fly

Saying No thank you to Straws

Hosting a Clean Up

Turning off your AC or Heating when not necessary

Reducing your meat consumption



Support with your dollar & Voice

Shop local, fair-trade, organic. Vote with thy dollar to create change. Show that you care about top-soil and pesticides.

Use your voice.

Write letters, march in parades, call your representatives.

Be an activist.